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reblog if you hate one direction

reasons why i hate one direction?

1. A boy band that compares it self to Beatles and donest even come up to their shoe dust, i mean seriously not even three complete years in the music industry and they start thinking about them selves as some big ass gods of pop music industry…

2. Making their fans hate people and judge them when they are suppose to be making them more into humans and teach them how to love and be sportive about things…

3. rating their fans, who does that seriously, no man or anyone has the right to rate a girl or a woman because every woman is beautiful in her own way… Well that’s certainly shows their third grade standard and by the way even calling them that is an insult to all the people who come in that category..

4. asking hospital for money after they perform, that is sick how did they even have a heart to say that or ask that, its a freaking hospital that treats people, how would they feel if they were the patients and this happen to them, sick money minded bastards

5. not singing to a fan just because she dint pay, i thought these boys lived for their fans, oh now i can clearly see how they do. they did forget that its because of girls like her they fucking got to where they stand, or else they would have been at a place where not even stinking rodents would have asked about them

NOW lets come down to the band members, shall we:

1. Louis Tomlinson(if i spell it wrong, who cares): thinks and acts like the world revolves around him, nothing when compared to a gentleman. the greatest bitch in this whole world that thinks he has the right to say anything he wants, who the fucking hell does he think he is. Having four sisters and a mother he should know it better than anyone how to talk or treat a girl. his level of maturity is much lower than the temperature of Antarctica.
2. Liam Payen: acts like a responsible man but is not, doesn’t  know how to defend his people a coward that doesn’t know how to trust his relationships and guide people in the right way.

3. Zayn Malik: a man with hormones out of control and mind into addiction a insult to the name of Muslim religion, what more can i say about this kid. he thinks he is a big shot with being all silent and all that but when it comes to personality, he sucks..

4. Niall Horan: Irish kid that knows very well how to create tantrums all over the place and knows nothing but calling people(his fans) a shower full of cunts, a boy who received hate is now sending them back to people who dint deserve it, yeah sure he is all innocent and a apple pie, please why make the taste of it that bad…

5. Harry Styles: i have no worlds in this entire world to explain about this scum bag that only knows how to use his dick and make his body into a fucking drawing book, such kid will never find love in anyone because he is blind enough to see what is beyond the pussy and boobs, never dates a woman of his age, always goes for an elder woman, seriously, i know relationship has no age but this is too much and he still wants to date, god some day this kid is going to die of sexually transmitted disease and i wont be surprised, what am surprised about it is that STD still hasn’t caught him …

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Dear mom.

Stop trying to force me to see the One Direction movie. First off, everyone I’m friends with knows I hate 1D. Second, Justin fucking Bieber? Mom, this is 2013. No one likes him any more, that fad died down in 2011. Third, we can still be females and not like One Direction. Fourth and finally, I don’t have to see it if I don’t want to. Please, mom. Use your money on something good.

From, your daughter Emily

( PS: If you take me i’ll throw food and my shoes at the screen. )

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